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World Water Day 2019

24th March 2019

Pantai Merdeka, Kuala Muda, Kedah

A student from the Faculty of Engineering Technology (FTK) and a student from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Environment (FKAAS)

World Water Day 2019 held in Pantai Merdeka on 24 March 2019 awarded Chee Ching Hui, FTK’s final year Degree student a gold winner through a study titled “Designing A Trash Trap for Drainage” and brought home a cash prize worth RM750 with plaque. According to the thesis supervisor, Nur Aini Mohd Arish @ Arshad, this study involved designing and producing a garbage trap that can be used to collect gross pollutants found in drains as an early stage of pollution prevention. This created trash can be varied for the adjustment of the drainage with multiple widths and has two filters with different sizes of holes. This garbage trap also has a Raspberry Pi system to help garbage collection by sending a message telling the user to collect trapped garbage when this action is needed.