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The Director

The Aspirations

The Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) is committed to fostering sustainable development and we have made ‘sustainability’ as a strategic focus of the Universiti. Many efforts will be done in enhancing the campus environmental conditions. A well-structured Sustainability Campus Team (SCT) was formed to oversee the planning and implementation of sustainability policies and strategies on campus. SCT coordinated the efforts and sets strategic goals and directions to continually improve the Universiti’s sustainability performance. We should not address sustainability at Universiti merely by hardware and infrastructure but we should also approach it with light shed on the lifestyle and operation mode of the people and facilities on campus. It is more important than ever that we should generate new momentum to achieve sustainable development and educate our next generation.

To achieve this, we need cross-departmental collaboration, involving students and staffs as well as communities off campus. We need to get the word out and let our Universiti constantly endeavor to put sustainability on the top of the agendas and involve them in our advocacy efforts. Therefore, SCT will organize training, workshops, annual Campus Sustainability Weeks, competitions, educational programs, produce publications and support green promotions in campus and hostels. We do hope our small actions and steps would soon accumulate into bigger and incremental progress in advancing campus sustainability. If you embrace the same ideas and values as we do, please join us by implementing environmentally conscious improvements and adhering to sustainable principles in your work and daily practices. With synergies and concerted efforts we can make a real difference to our home, our workplace, our university, our society and the planet.

“With Wisdom, We Explore”

Sr. Dr. Noralfishah Sulaiman