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The Logo of Sustainable Campus Office (SCO)

Sustainable Campus Office

“Reengineering Sustainability”

  • UTHM Sustainable Campus Office logo is designed based on alphabets S, C, and G and it represents its own meaning respectively. S represents Sustainability, C represents Campus, meanwhile G represents Green/Going Green.
  • Several lines forming  the g alphabet represent Green Artery or Green Network in UTHM as well as UTHM’s continuous efforts toward a Sustainable Eco-Campus.
  • g alphabet also represents Green Infrastructure develops within the UTHM campuses and UTHM. It also shows UTHM’s continuous efforts toward transforming UTHM building into Accredited Green Buildings.
  • Four (4) green lines also represent the spirit of competition in UTHM to be the best ranked in the world as the Greenest University. It shows UTHM readiness to compete locally as well as globally for the green mission.
  • The green color combinations have been painted with four (4) colors: Light Green, Medium Green, Green and Dark Green. These colors illustrate the process of changing the Sustainable Campus Unit as a Learning Organisation and also the adoption of the ‘Reengineering Sustainability’ concept in UTHM.
  • The combination of colors also represents the concept of (1) Resilient; (2) Reuse; (3) Reduce; and (4) Recycle adopt and adapt in UTHM towards a world class Sustainable Eco-Campus.

Designer of the logo: Sr. Dr. Noralfishah Sulaiman
: 01 June 2017

Kenes Rakishev