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The History

May 2010

Sustainable Campus Unit (SCU) was established based on the decision of the UTHM Executive Committee Meeting No. 9/2010 dated 12 May 2010 and placed under the Office of Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Research, Innovation and Development) as the first attempt in establishing an entity in the University that leads to the implementation of a systematic, structured and efficient sustainable activities.

July 2010

As the continuation of the decision, on 1 July 2010 when YBhg. Dato’ Vice Chancellor appointed Mr. Abdul Zaki bin Abdul Wahid as the First Head of Sustainable Campus Unit and assisted by four (4) team members acting as program coordinators.

March 2014

Associate Prof Ir. Dr. Goh Hui Hwang was appointed as the Second Head of Sustainable Campus Unit focusing on energy efficiency utilisation in UTHM and establishing a greenhouse gas-related (GHG) database in UTHM campus. The team has successfully published UTHM Green Building Guidebook penned by University Energy Management and Efficiency Committee of the university (Jawatankuasa Pengurusan dan Kecekapan Tenaga Universiti-JPKTU).  A website known as MYCarbon Footprint ( http://uthm.carbon-footprints.com/ ) was created and several recommendations on Energy Efficiency Contracts (EPC) in the University development activities were started in order to reflect UTHM’s mission towards a more sustainable university. The Central Energy Efficiency Fund was also created by the team.

March 2016 – March 2019

Starting from March 2016 the Sustainable Campus Unit is led by Sr. Dr. Noralfishah Sulaiman as the Third Head of Sustainable Campus Unit in UTHM. It is administered by the Safety, Health & Environment Division (OSHE), Office of the Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Development, Facilities Management and ICT). Sr. Dr. Noralfishah is assisted by Mdm Napisah Basir (J29) to achieve the objectives of the formation of Sustainable Campus Unit in UTHM. The Sustainable Champion Team (SCT) was established in February 2017 to facilitate the achievement of the SCU’s objectives.

April 2019 – present

In April 2019, the Executive Board of UTHM agreed to upgrade Sustainable Campus Unit to Sustainable Campus Office (SCO). The new SCO is led by Sr. Dr. Noralfishah Sulaiman as the Director of SCO. Sr. Dr. Noralfishah is managing the SCO together with Dr. Nur Shaylinda Mohd Zin as the Head of Department (Department of Sustainable Management & Engineering). SCO also received 1 Assistant Librarian, Mr Mohd Syarifudin Aris (S19) to assist SCO with the operation of SCO’s Recycling Centre – RPPS.