The Planeteers UTHM Club is a club affiliated with the Office of Student Affairs and Alumni (HEPA) and is affiliated with the Office of Sustainable Campuses (SCO). It is also a rebranding of the original club, Green & Campus Sustainability (GASCA) with the aim of increasing campus awareness of environmental importance and preservation.



  • Increase awareness and inculcate the value of love and respect the environment among students.
  • Educate all UTHM residents including students, staff and the local community to become responsible people in ensuring the safety of the environment.
  • Promote a higher understanding of sustainability knowledge among students, UTHM staff and the local community.
  • Establish a network of partnerships and carry out sustainability activities with relevant parties such as government bodies, community associations, industry and nearby schools to resolve environmental concerns.
  • Establish links between UTHM and Foreign Institutions to promote university efforts in preserving the environment.



  • Activities related to ‘CORPORATE GOVERNANCE’
  • Activities related to ‘WASTE & RECYCLING’
  • Activities related to ‘ENERGY & WATER’
  • Activities related to ‘TRAVEL & TRANSPORT’
  • Activities related to ‘EDUCATION & RESEARCH’
  • Activities related to ‘DEVELOPMENT, CLIMATE & RESILIENCY’
  • Activities related to ‘AWARENESS, TRAINING & COMMUNICATION’