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GMI 2019 – Water

Criteria 4.1 : Water Conservation Program Implementation

  • Save Water Program
  • Flood Mitigation Control Program
  • Awareness on Non-Revenue Water
  • Knowledge Sharing Session on ‘Utilising Alternative Water Sources for Non Potable Uses’
  • PropertyDevelopment and Smart Driving Landscape – Exhibition and Poster Competition
  • International Conference on Sustainable Environment and Water Research @ 2nd International Symposium on Civil and Environmental Engineering (ISCEE’18)
  • UTHMStudents Achievement in World Water Day 2018


Criteria 4.2 : Water Recycling Program Implementation

  • Implementation of Combined Rain Harvesting and Groundwater System
  • Nature Groundwater Eco-Treatment (N-GET)
  • Rainwater Irrigation for Mini Herbs Garden
  • RainwaterHarvesting System for Building
  • Physical Model Design of Rainwater Harvesting System at UTHM Pagoh Campus
  • Ablution Water Recycling for Plant Irrigation
  • LakeWater Use for Landscape Irrigation in Campus


Criteria 4.3 : Water Efficient Appliances Usage

In UTHM, water efficient appliances were installed such as taps to reduce water flow. Pictures of several tap water with water flow control. The use of efficient equipment can give an advantage to the campus where water consumption can be saved. The use of water-efficient equipment is as auto tap water equipment, water meters and so on.


Criteria 4.4 : Treated Water Consumed

At Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), approximately of 90% use of treated water consumed is coming from piped water around UTHM