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8. Awareness, Training & Communication



Awareness, training and communication is the central role to the success of the UTHM sustainability campus initiative. It serves as a significant learning contributor to the understanding of the students and staff on the environmental sustainability in the campus. There are several initiatives that have been designed to increase the awareness of the university’s community both students and staffs using various effective communication channels. Training programs have also been deliberately planned to achieve this purpose.

Strategic Aim

  • To ensure all university’s community are actively involved in sustaining the environment through formal and informal activities.
  • To actively communicate all events and activities to the wider context of the university so that it reaches the recognition globally.
  • To nurture a culture of environmental sensitivity within the university community


  • To increase the level of awareness of the university’s community on the sustainability issues.
  • To communicate effectively all the university achievements on environmental sustainability to the stakeholders both internal and external.
  • To train and educate all the university’s community such as staffs, students, vendors etc. on the environmental issues and sustainability; and how they effectively practice in their day to day life.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • To conduct several green activities to increase level of awareness of the university’s community and public on the sustainability issues.
  • To provide training involving community and public in order to increase level of awareness of the university’s community and public on the sustainability issues.
  • To communicate with the university’s community and public on green awareness programme, green knowledge and training activities available.

Achievements & Reports

  • Students Affairs (HEPA) – To submit annual report to the Students’ Affairs every year.
  • SCO – To submit the report to SCO every 6 months.