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1. Corporate Governance


UTHM has to show that it’s truly committed to improving its environmental performance and it must ensure that the environment is fully considered within its operation and decision making processes. UTHM has clearly demonstrated its commitment to the environmental agenda through its resources available through Sustainable Champion Team (SCT) thinking and brilliant ideas and futuristic planning for the generations ahead.

Strategic Aim

  • To support continuous environmental improvement by establishing challenging and measurable performance targets that are reviewed and reported annually

  • To act in an environmentally responsible way towards protecting Environment, Ecology through Economical efforts for the UTHM community

  • To drive UTHM’s contribution in advancing global and local environmental agenda

  • To integrate environmental responsibility into UTHM strategies, plans and policies based on tauhidic principles


  • Integrate environmental management into our day-to-day operations
  • Reduce energy consumption and associated carbon emissions
  • Minimise the use of water
  • Implement a waste minimisation strategy and maintain a high recycling rate
  • Promote and support sustainable travel options for commuting and business travelling
  • Establish procedures to implement sustainable construction and green procurement
  • Preserve and enhance the biodiversity of the estate
  • Empower and motivate staffs, students and stakeholders through appropriate environmental education and communication
  • To establish holistic Sustainable Campus Framework for UTHM.

Key Performance Indicators 

  • UTHM Sustainable Campus Office (SCO) has to commit with the 10 Principle of Talloires Declaration

  • UTHM Sustainable Campus Office (SCO) has to practice and act based on GreenMetric World Ranking University criteria

  • UTHM Sustainable Campus Office (SCO) should ensure to always climb the green ranking ladder continuously

Achievements & Reports

  • UTHM Sustainable Campus Office (SCO) has to review and report sustainability efforts made and implemented by all the 9 SIOs

  • The green measurement of global and local accreditation agencies such as TD, GMI and SWcorp has to be reviewed and reported to the UTHM Strategists by the SCO team.