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GMI 2019 – Education

Criteria 6.1 : Number of Courses/Subjects Related to Sustainability Offered
319 Courses.

Criteria 6.2 : Total Number of Courses/Subjects Offered
1750 Courses.

Criteria 6.3 : The Ratio of Sustainability Courses Divided by Total Courses/Subjects
The ratio of sustainability courses divided by total courses is 18%.

Criteria 6.4 : Total Research Funds Dedicated io Sustainability Research (in US Dollars)
3,221,713.29 USD.

Criteria 6.5 : Total Research Funds (in US Dollars)
8,655,942.40 USD.

Criteria 6.6 : The Ratio of Sustainability Research Funding Divided by Total Research Funding
The ratio of sustainability research funding divided by total research funding is 37%.

Criteria 6.7 : Number of Scholarly Publications on Sustainability Published
Approximately in total of 5,166 in the scholarly publications.

Criteria 6.8 : Number of Events Related to Sustainability
There are 72 events related to sustainability in year 2019.

Criteria 6.9 : Number of Student Organizations Related to Sustainability
There are 3 student organizations related to environment and sustainability in UTHM, among others are Planeeters, Enactus and Kelab Sukarelawan UTHM.

Criteria 6.10 : Existence of A University-Run Sustainability Website

Criteria 6.11 : Sustainability Website Address if Available
The Sustainable Campus Unit (SCU) website can be reach at the following URL address:

Criteria 6.12 : Existence of A Published Sustainability Report
Not available and UTHM are planning to publish their Sustainable Campus Blueprint (2020-2025).