Summary of UTHM Sustainable Activities 2019


No. Code Activity Date Link
1. S10119/01 Meeting and Discussion (Smallholder Sustainability Programme) 08th January
2. S10119/02 Muehlbauer Automation Integrated System 22nd January
3. S10119/03 Open Ceremony for UTHM-Fraunhofer Innovation Laboratory 29th January
4. S10219/01 Oyster Bay Visit 22nd February
5. S10319/01 The Signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (Memorandum of Understanding)(MoU) 31st March
6. S10519/01 Majlis Iftar Bersama Pengerusi Lembaga Universiti 14th May
7. S10519/02 An Official Visit of The Chairman of The University Board of Directors at UTHM Centers of Excellence at UTHM Excellence Centers 15th May
8. S10919/01 ‘Majlis Transformasi Mahasiswa’ 04th September
9. S10919/02 ‘Majlis Transformasi Mahasiswa’ 04th September
10. S10919/03 The Signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) and SWIDWEB Solution Sdn Bhd, Letter of Intent (LoI) between UTHM and SWM Environment Sdn Bhd and Certificate of Collaboration (CoC) between UTHM and Johor State Forestry Department (JPNJ) 19th September
11. S11019/01 Day 2 Program – Academia Day “Town Hall” 24th October
12. S11019/02 Sakura Science Programme 31st October
13. S11219/01 Champion For SDG17 “Resilient Built Environment” 13th December


No. Code Activity Date Link
1. S20119/01 SWIDWEB Solutions Endowment Contribution 02nd January
2. S20119/02 CHRA Activity Report 07th January
3. S20119/03 Ceramic Industrial Waste 30th January
4. S20219/01 Gotong-Royong Perdana Programme 25th February 2019
5. S20219/02 Penjualan kertas Kasih ‘Bin’ 27th February 2019
6. S20319/01 Knowledge Sharing Session 07th March 2019
7. S20319/02 Gotong-Royong in SK Convent Batu Pahat 16th March 2019
8. S20319/03 Valuable Waste 21st March 2019
9. S20419/01 TOYCYCLE 02nd – 30th April 2019
10. S20419/02 Composting and Community 14th April 2019
11. S20419/03 Composting Campaign 17th April 2019
12. S20419/04 Group 1 – Calamansi lime and Lemongrass Plantation 17th April 2019
13. S20419/05 Composting with Community at SK Seri Rejo Sari, Batu Pahat, Johor 17th April 2019
14. S20419/06 Group 2 – Papaya Planting 17th April 2019
15. S20419/07 Group 3 – Maintainance 17th April 2019
16. S20419/08 Group 4 – Upgrade the edible and nonedible garden around RCC 17th April 2019
17. S20419/09 Group – 5 Irrigation System 17th April 2019
18. S20419/10 CSR@Taman Pagoh Jaya 2 Programme 20th April 2019
19. S20419/11 Zero Food Waste: From Garbage To Compost Program 23rd April 2019
20. S20419/12 Composting and Community 23rd April 2019
21. S20519/01 Technical Visit to IWK Sewage Treatment Plant 02nd May 2019
22. S20519/02 Composting Campaign 05th May 2019
23. S20519/03 Environmental Education Campaign (4R) at Community (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle & Recovery) 22nd May 2019
24. S20519/04 Environmental Education Campaign 4R (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Recovery) at Community 22nd May 2019
25. S20519/05 CSR activities at SK Penghulu Salleh 26th May
26. S20719/01 Recycling waste management 04th July
27. S20719/02 Shredder Machine 28th July
28. S20719/03 Waste Management Association of Malaysia (WMAM) Annual Conference & Gala Dinner 31st July – 01st August
29. S20919/01 RPPS Gotong-Royong Program 19th September
30. S20919/02 Launching of Recycle Collection Centre 19th September
31. S20919/03 Recycling Centre 19th September
31. S21019/01 Food Waste Management Program by using Green Technology-Based Composting Technique 03rd October
32. S21019/02 Handing Composting Materials to 10 schools Around Simpang Renggam Parliament 14th October


No. Code Activity Date Link
1. S30219/01 Energy Saving Performance Agreement 25th February 2019
2. S30219/02 Earth Hour Meeting 27th February 2019
3. S30419/01 Industry Collaboration between UTHM and Microelectronic and Nantotechnology Shamsuddin Research Centre (Mint-Src) and NationgGate Solution Sdn Bhd 13rd April 2019
4. S30519/01 Centralization of Air Conditioning Testing Project 02nd May 2019
5. S30919/01 TNB- RECESS Meeting On Silent & YJACK Pile Load Test Tecnologies 09th September 2019
6. S31019/01 Energy Management Gold Standards (EMGS) Rating 25th October 2019
7. S31019/02 Smart Lecture System Project 31st October 2019


No. Code Activity Date Link
1. S40119/01 Meeting for EcoMasjid Programme 14th January 2019
2. S40119/02 River Water Quality at Sungai Benut 13rd  – 14th January 2019
3. S40219/01 Collaboration Research Meeting with IPASA UTM  03rd February 2019
4. S40219/02 Eco-Masjid Paperwork Presentation 19th February 2019
5. S40319/01 Visiting Professor Public Lecture 17th March 2019
6. S40419/01 Water Sampling in Simpang Renggam 19th April 2019
7. S40419/02 Technical Talk Series 2/2019 – Non-Revenue Water Awareness in UTHM 28th April 2019
8. S40519/01 Water Quality Testing 05th May 2019
9. S40919/01 Program Rakan Sungai IWK Kluang 2019 Sungai Sayong Renggam 14th September 2019
10. S41119/02 Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) 12th November 2019


No. Code Activity Date Link
1. S50119/01 Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between UTHM & Sena Traffic Systems Sdn Bhd 14th January 2019
2. S50119/02 Collaboration Program with Rail Industry 15th January 2019
3. S50119/03 Carnival Innovation of Malaysia Motorcycles 2019 20th January 2019
4. S50119/04 Urban Transportation towards Low Carbon Penggaram Town 2030 27th January 2019
5. S50319/01 Work Trip to Penang 04th – 05th March 2019
6. S50419/01 Memorandum of Understanding between UTHM and Prasarana Malaysia Berhad 16th April 2019
7. S50619/01 Meeting for MySafe Road @ Batu Pahat Programme 18th June 2019
8. S50819/01 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Signing Ceremony Between Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) and Malaysian Highway Authority 18th August 2019
9. S51019/01 International Greentech and Eco Products Exhibition & Conference 2019 (IGEM 2019) 09th – 11th October 2019
10. S51019/02 Campaign Safety Road for Children 28th October 2019


No. Code Activity Date Link
1. S60119/01 K-Inovasi, the Teaching and Learning Innovation Carnival 23rd – 24th January 2019
2. S60219/01 Sustainable Palm Oil Program with the University of Wageningen and P&G 28th February 2019
3. S60219/02 Matching Grant Discussion Visit 28th February 2019
4. S60319/01 Al-Khauthar Scholarship Program 01st March 2019
5. S60319/02 National Innovation and Invention Competition 2019 21st March 2019
6. S60319/03 World Water Day 2019 24th March 2019
7. S60319/04 Portable Flow Inspector (PFI) 24th March 2019
8. S60319/05 Short Course 2019 26th March 2019
9. S60419/01 A Versatile Statistics Tools Purpose-built for Scientist, not Statisticians. 02nd April 2019
10. S60419/02 Knowledge Sharing Session on Ambient Air Quality in UTHM Campus (Heavy Metals) 04th April 2019
11. S60419/03 Built Environment Undergraduate Research Competition (BEURC 2019) 04th April 2019
12. S60419/04 Response Surface Methodology (RSM) of Statistical Method: Relationship between Various variables 10th April 2019
13. S60419/05 CareInAnalyzer application introduction to school students 29th April 2019
14. S60519/01 Natural & Organic Product Advancement: Implication, Challenge and Marketing Strategy from Industry Perspective 20th May 2019
15. S60719/01 UTHM and STMicroelectronics Sdn. Bhd to collaborate in the STEM field 29th July 2019
16. S60819/01 FKMP Organized CFDRI 2019 to Build International Research Network 03rd – 04th August 2019
17. S60819/02 Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) Signing Ceremony Between UTHM and CREAM 05th August 2019
18. S60819/03 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Signing Ceremony Between UTHM and Futurise Sdn. Bhd. 05th August 2019
19. S60819/04 5th International Conference on the Application of Science and Mathematics 2019 (SCIEMATHIC2019) 14th August 2019
20. S60819/05 Engaging Session With The Key Player Partner at Simpang Renggam District, Kluang 25th August 2019
21. S60819/06 Transforming knowledge related to soft soil for the benefit of the local community 29th August 2019
22. S60919/01 RECESS-CREAM Meeting 09th September 2019
23. S60919/02 FPTV Builder Program develops TVET students Character 12nd – 14th September 2019
24. S60919/03 PECIPTA’ 19 Introduces New Award for Special Education Category 22nd – 23rd September 2019
25. S60919/04 FAST hold medals at PECIPTA’ 19 and RISE’ 19 22nd – 23rd September 2019
26. S60919/05 Technical Visit and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Signing Ceremony Between UTHM and Brunel University 30th September 2019
27. S61019/01 UTHM is in Partnership with Gadijah Muda University, Indonesia. 02nd October 2019
28. S61019/02 FPTV Welcomes The Students From Bachelor of Technology Undergraduate Program 02nd October 2019
29. S61019/03 FTK Gives Powerful Thinker of High School Students Through STEM Activities 03rd October 2019
30. S61019/04 Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) Signing Ceremony Between UTHM and Hewlett-Packard (M) Sdn. Bhd. 08th October 2019


No. Code Activity Date Link
1. S70119/01 Socio-education University Lab for Orang Asli 23rd January 2019
2. S70219/01 Program Libat Urus Menteri Pendidikan 09th – 10th February 2019
3. S70219/02 Imagine Cup Asia 2019 Innovation Highlight 17th February 2019
4. S70219/03 WWF Meeting with KANZU 28th February 2019
5. S70319/01 Tiny Forest Project (3rd Cycle) 06th March 2019
6. S70319/02 A Collaboration between UTHM and UTM for collecting of Flora and Fauna 07th – 10th March 2019
7. S70419/01 Launching Ceremony of Kuala Langat Pineapple Hub Development Program 20th April 2019
8. S70419/02 Tiny Forest (4th Cycle) 23rd April 2019
9. S70419/03 Collaboration between UTHM and Ningbo TVET Centre 27th April 2019
10. S70419/04 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Glenville State College (GSC) with Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (FAST) 22nd – 26th April 2019
11. S70919/01 Launching Event Of Earth Day@UTHM 2019 19th September 2019
12. S70919/02 Tiny Forest Project @UTHM Launch Event 19th September 2019
13. S71019/01 Day 2 Program – Akademia Day 24th October 2019
14. S71219/01 250 Mangroves are planted, a step back in the ecosystem 20th December 2019


No. Code Activity Date Link
1. S80119/01 World Toilet Day 26th January 2019
2. S80219/01 Program CSR, Pembersihan Air Terjun Asahan & KidSafe 14th – 16th February 2019
3. S80219/02 Gotong Royong Perdana 2019 25th February 2019
4. S80319/01 Fruit Sale 07th Mac 2019
5. S80319/02 Let’s Clean, Go Green 2019  12th Mac 2019
6. S80319/03 Karnival Patriotisme 2019 17th Mac 2019
7. S80419/01 Academic Visit UTHM-KIAS Arabic Language Degree 08th April 2019
8. S80419/02 “We Know, We Care, We Make!” Community Service Program 13th April 2019
9. S80419/03 Microsoft Word basic Course in Conjunction with the Launching Ceremony of the Life Learning Program and Operation of Temporary Premises of Simpang Renggam Community College 14th April 2019
10. S80419/04 Promotion of Kitar3cycle 19th April 2019
11. S80419/05 Senior Citizens Programme 20th April 2019
12. S80419/06 Sembang Teknologi Awam – Siri 1 Defect, Detection & Diagnosis 23rd April 2019
13. S80419/07 Program Khidmat Komuniti Swadaya Desa 27th April 2019
14. S80419/08 Program Khidmat Masyarakat bersama Penduduk Kampung Jawa 28th April 2019
15. S80519/01 Mural Painting at Taska Permata Kemas 01st May 2019
16. S80519/02 Program Gotong-Royong Perdana 01st May 2019
17. S80619/01 Eid Mubarak Celebration – Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) and Research Centre for Soft Soil (RECESS) 13th June 2019
18. S80619/02 “Pasti Skor” Programme 16th June 2019
19. S80719/01 100 schools participate in the RERO Annual Championship 2019 22nd – 23rd July 2019
20. S80719/02 UTHM Vice-Chancellor Invites the Campus Community to Serve an Exemplary Cultural Service 28th July 2019
21. S80719/03 Infrastructure Endowment Project: UTHM Builds Alternative Routes to Sultan Ibrahim Mosque 28th July 2019
22. S81019/01 UTHM Students’ Benefits from Food Donation Program (Phase 2) 08th October 2019
23. S81019/02 Food Waste Management Awareness Program Using Composting Techniques 31st October 2019
24. S81119/01 Compost and Recycling Demonstration Program in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dato’ Hassan Yunos, Renggam (Grant KTP 132) 02nd November 2019
25. S81119/02 Compost and Recycling Demonstration Program in Sekolah SRJK T Bukit Renggam (Grant KTP K132) 04th November  2019
26. S81119/03 SULAM: SUSTAINABLE GREEN COMMUNITY 27th November  2019
27. S81219/01 UTHM Students Collected 204.4 kg of Solid Waste 02nd December 2019