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GMI 2019 – Setting & Infrastructure


Criteria 1.1 : Types of Higher Education Institution
Specialized Higher Education Institution, especially on technological and engineering studies

Criteria 1.2 : Climate
Tropical Wet & Dry

Criteria 1.3 : Number of Campus Site
UTHM has two (2) campuses situated in Batu Pahat and Muar district in Johor. The main campus is situated within the small town of Parit Raja in Batu Pahat district. While the Muar campus strategically located in Pagoh.

Criteria 1.4 : Main Campus Setting
UTHM is located in a suburban area.

Criteria 1.5 : Total Campus Area (m2)
The total area for UTHM main campus is 2,398,337 m2. Meanwhile, the total area for UTHM Pagoh Education Hub is 266,971.17 m2. Therefore, the total campus area for both campuses is 2,425,028.12 m2.

Criteria 1.6 : Total Campus Ground Floor Area of Buildings (m2)
The total ground floor area of buildings for UTHM main campus is 371,756.53 m2. Meanwhile, the total ground floor area of buildings for the UTHM Pagoh Education Hub is 56,558.40 m2. Therefore, the total ground floor area of buildings for both campuses is 428,314.93 m2.

Criteria 1.7 : Total Main Campus Buildings Area (m2)
The total campus building area for both UTHM main campus and UTHM Pagoh Education Hub occupied by building (ground and other floors) is 535,744.38 m2.

Criteria 1.8 : The Ratio of Open Space Area towards Total Area
The ratio of open space areas towards the total area is 77.91%.

Criteria 1.9 : Area on Campus Covered in Forest Vegetation
Both UTHM main campus and UTHM Pagoh Education Hub covered with the main forest vegetation area (FVA). In the current, approximately 35% of the total campus area (848,759.84 m2).

Criteria 1.10 : Area on Campus Covered in Planted Vegetation
Approximately 15% (776,996 m2) from the total remaining area on the campus which is not covered in the form of forest (1,942,491.01 m2)

Criteria 1.11 : Total Area on Campus for Water Absorption Beside Forest and Planted Vegetation
Approximately 20% – 25% (118.53 acre, 479,673.89 m2 – 148.16 acres, 599,582.25 m2) from total area of campus (592.64  acres, 2,398,328.99 m2)

Criteria 1.12 : Number of Regular Students
The total number of UTHM students as of September 2019 is approximately 12,403.

Criteria 1.13 : Total Number of Online Students
12,403 students as UTHM compulsorily provide at least 1 student to attend online classes in every subject in every semester.

Criteria 1.14 : Total Number of Academic and Administrative Staff
The total number of academic and administrative staff is 2,339.

Criteria 1.15 : The Total Open Space Area Divided by Total Campus Population
The total open space area divided by the total campus population is 187.73 m2.

Criteria 1.16 : Total University Budget (in US Dollars)

Criteria 1.17 : University Budget for Sustainability Effort (in US Dollars)

Criteria 1.18 : Percentage of University Budget for Sustainable Effort Within a Year