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GMI 2019 – Waste

Criteria 3.1 : Recycling Program for University Waste

  • The Recycling@U-UTHM Program
  • Benchmarking Visit to Recycling Center
  • Development of Resources Recovery Learning House (Recycling Center @ UTHM)
  • Program Knowledge Transfer “Waste to Vase” in UTHM and community
  • Program Clean and Clear by SWM and Batu Pahat Municipal Council (MPBP)
  • World Clean Up Day 2018 in Muar
  • Distribution of Recycle Bin in UTHM Campus
  • Distribution of Indoor Recycle Bin to Community
  • Program Community in River
  • Talk / Knowledge Sharing on Green

Criteria 3.2 : Program to Reduce the Use of Paper and Plastic in Campus

  • Promote to Print Double-sided by Using Recycle Paper
  • Online System
  • UTHM Learning System and Social Media as Medium of Teaching  and Deliver Notes
  • Full Online Class Weeks
  • Policy on Paperless Activities in Campus
  • The Use of Tumbler and Food Container in UTHM

Criteria 3.3 : Organic Waste Treatment

  • Reuse of Sewage Sludge
  • Composting of Food Waste
  • Course on Basic of Landscape Maintenance

Criteria 3.4 : Inorganic Waste Treatment

  • 3R’s Activities within UTHM Campus
  • Program Charity Sales 2018
  • E-WasteBin

Criteria 3.5 : Toxic Waste Handled

  • Toxic Waste Handled in Main Campus UTHM
  • Disposalof Toxic Waste

Criteria 3.6 : Sewerage Disposal

New buildings or faculties in UTHM have their own septic duct that connects between the buildings to the Sewerage Treat Plant. The duct was installed underground. Waste then going through the duct before accumulated in one tank. It then treated before dispose. UTHM hired one company to manage the sewerage and septic tank.
For the old buildings in UTHM, there is no duct that connects the building to the plant, so the company hired to manage the sewerage will come and collect the waste separately then dump for disposal purpose outside the UTHM.