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Depart. of Management & Sustainable Engineering


The Aspirations

Sustainability is the vital leap towards the future for the environment. The Sustainable Campus Office (SCO), aspires to pilot University Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia (UTHM) into becoming an environmentally favorable environment. Sustainability has always been the main focus in UTHM and has developed into a culture. A way of life within UTHM which interconnects the students, staff and the community towards sustainable efforts. Therefore, as a member of UTHM, SCO goal is to create and promote awareness on the value of sustainable for a better and greener earth. UTHM has incorporated resilient efforts to integrate sustainability as we believe it will produce professional graduates who value the significance of the environment. Our mission is to create and develop an exceptional sustainable campus for all.

I had been with SCO since 2019 and have seen a lot of sustainable effort done by UTHM community. Hopefully, the green effort will continue strongly to create a sustainable community knowledgeable in green practice and educate other communities as well.

“Sustainable living is a desire that needs an action”

Dr. Nur Shaylinda Binti Mohd Zin

Head of Department