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Strategic Functions of SCO 2018-2020


6 Green Components@SCO

Sustainable Campus Office (SCO) has established Six (6) Green Components together with its Strategic Functions as shown in figures below:-


  • To continuously enhance  the function of Sustainable Champion Team (SCT);
  • To conduct GREEN ACTIVITIES based on 9 SIO’s (Corporate Governance, Waste & Recycling, Energy & Water, Travel & Transport, Education & Research, Development, Climate & Resiliency, and Awareness, Training and Communication), meeting, event arrangement, appointment of in/out campus stakeholders with SCO;
  • To become a GREEN consultation team/research team/experts in UTHM;
  • To conduct the Reengineering Sustainability Workshops;
  • To develop Sustainability Framework for UTHM.
  • To become the first Resilient Campus in Malaysia.


  • To apply the Talloires Declaration for UTHM from the Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future (ULSF).
  • To establish Green Campus Committee/ Sustainability Task Force at every faculty/HEP/PTJ for the Talloires Declaration implementation.
  • To become a Signatory to the Talloires Declaration.
  • To organise the public event for the signing of the Talloires Declaration.


  • To commit with UI Green Metric Index for UTHM from Universiti of Indonesia (UI).
  • To review or scan the questionnaires virtually.
  • To conduct technical visit for green best practices searching
  • To establish the GreenMetric World Ranking Committee/Task Force.
  • To enter the the GreenMetric World Ranking/ other Green Campus accreditation agencies starting from the year of 2017.


  • To factory Green Research Proposal (GRP) of Sustainable Campus Office.
  • To review/refining the GRP.
  • To identify Green Internal/External Research Partner.
  • To conduct the SCO + Partners Meeting & Workshop.
  • To submit the Proposal to ORICC/Funders overseas/local.


  • To review and renew the existing website of SCO.
  • To set out the benchmarking and re-frame the content of SCO’s website.
  • To identify the suitable template.
  • To prepare the quotation etc.
  • To disseminate SCO Policy + Guidelines for 9 SIOs + Activities.
  • To integrate Real time Application/GIS/Social Media/Updates and Visibility of SCO Policy + Activities.


  • To write the ISI/Scopus papers through Post-Doctoral staff/SCT members on SCO activities.
  • To publish Technical Guidelines for 9 SIO’s (Corporate Governance, Waste & Recycling, Energy & Water, Travel & Transport, Education & Research, Development, Climate & Resiliency, and Awareness, Training and Communication).
  • To present SCO model nationally and internationally.
  • To educate + share SCO model, practices and information across the globe.