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GMI 2019 – Transportation

Criteria 5.1 : Number of Cars Actively Used and Managed by University
The university currently has a total of 62 passenger car vehicles used as official means of transportation by university staff and students.

Criteria 5.2 : Number of Cars Entering the University Daily
A total of 5,700 cars enter the UTHM campuses daily.

Criteria 5.3 : Number of Motorcycles Entering the University Daily
Approximately 2,950 motorcycles entering the two campuses on a daily basis.

Criteria 5.4 : The Ratio of Total Vehicles (Cars and Motorcycles) Divided by Total Campus Population
The ratio of total vehicles (cars and motorcycles) divided by total campus population is 0.6015.

Criteria 5.5 : Shuttle Service
UTHM has appointed two bus companies, to operate the shuttle bus service in the main campus as well as the Pagoh campus.

Criteria 5.6 : Number of Shuttles Operated in Your University
The total number of shuttles operating in both the UTHM main campus and Pagoh campus is 26, with 19 shuttles serving the main campus and 7 shuttles serving the Pagoh campus.

Criteria 5.7 : Average Number of Passengers of Each Shuttle
The average passengers served during weekdays and weekends in both UTHM campuses are given in Tables 5.8 and 5.9, with 12,060 passengers served per day during the weekdays and 720 passenger served per day during the weekends on multiple trips.

Criteria 5.8 : Total Trips off Shuttle Services Each Day
The shuttle service provided by UTHM makes a total of 300 trips per day during the weekdays, and 48 trips per day during the weekends.

Criteria 5.9 : Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Policy on Campus
At the moment, the use of bicycles and buggies as ZEVs is highly encouraged by the university.

Criteria 5.10 : Average Number of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) on Campus per Day
On a daily basis, 350 bicycles and 2 buggies are used as means of travel in both campuses.

Criteria 5.11 : The Ratio of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Divided by Total Campus Population
The ratio of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) divided by total campus population is 0.0243.

Criteria 5.12 : Total Parking Area (m2)
The total parking area in UTHM are 14,990 m2.

Criteria 5.13 : Ratio of Parking Area to Total Campus Area
The ratio of parking area to total campus area at the UTHM main campus is 4.4.

Criteria 5.14 : Transportation Program Designed to Limit or Decrease Parking Area on Campus Over The Last 3 Years (From 2015 to 2017)
The student parking reduction at Tunku Tun Aminah Library, UTHM Main Campus whereby the number of parking bays dedicated for student parking was reduced by more than 50%. Then, the parking restriction at UTHM Pagoh Campus whereby the student parking is only limited to 200 parking bays.

Criteria 5.15 : Number of Transportation Initiatives to Decrease Private Vehicles on Campus
Five initiatives. Currently, the university provides free shuttle bus service that has an average weekday ridership of 12,060 passengers per day for both campuses. Next, the improvement of facilities for pedestrians and cyclists. There are also car entry restriction at UTHM Pagoh Campus using online classroom and telecommuting  to reduce the need to travel to campus.

Criteria 5.16 : Pedestrian Path Policy on Campus
The university strives to provide comfortable and safe walkways for pedestrians in both its campuses. UTHM constructed the sheltered walkways which shall be adequately wide, unobstructed and well-maintained.

Criteria 5.17 : Approximate Daily Travel Distance of A Vehicle Inside Campus Only (in Kilometers)
The estimated daily travel by vehicle for the UTHM main campus is 2.7 km, while for the UTHM Pagoh campus, is only 0.8 km.

Criteria 5.18 : Eco-Driving and Road Safety Initiatives
UTHM through its Smart Driving Research Center (SDRC) and Sustainable Campus Unit (SCU), has drawn up several programs such as campaigns and public safety announcements to educate drivers about eco-driving or smart driving and to instill road safety awareness, not only in the campus, but throughout the communities living close to the university.