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Green Activity:
Talk on Smart Campus

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03rd February 2020

Banquet Hall, UTHM Library

PM Ts Dr. Farhan Md Fudzee (CIO UTHM), staffs from Sustainable Campus Office and staffs from Maintenance and Development Office

The talk was generally on introduction towards Smart Campus. It was delivered by PM Ts Dr. Farhan Md Fudzee, CIO of UTHM. Discussions on facilities needed in developing Smart Campus were discussed during the talk. Participants involved were the staffs from the Sustainable Campus Office and the staffs from Maintenance and Development Office. Throughout the talk, the presenter present about what the projects or program all about. Besides, Dr Farhan mentioned about the initiatives and objectives of Smart Campus project. The talk also discussed four (4) pillars of Smart Campus. The first pillar is on services. Next, the second pillar focuses on academics. Third is on research and the last pillar is about student engagement. Then, Dr. Farhan also emphasized the enablers in making the Smart Campus project to become a reality. Then, he also presented the KPI of the Smart Campus project.