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Shredder Machine Project Presentation

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28th July 2019

KANZU Research: Resilient Built and Environment

Sr. Dr. Noralfishah Binti Sulaiman, Dr. Muhammad Akmal Bin Johar and Madam Nur Hidayah Binti Muslik

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has provided service to recyclable plastics substances such as plastic bottles, containers and more. They built a machine for recycling purposes and they also provided 3D printing services. 3D printing services allow you to print 3D objects using plastics filaments such as PLA and ABS. This machine is called Plastic Shredder Machine. The machine shredded plastic waste into flakes which can later produce other plastic goods. The output size of the flakes can be selected by changing the size inside the machine to create different patterns.  The mission of this initiative was to:

1)           Recycle Plastic. Today’s world has produced about 2500 million tonnes plastic in a year. The main objective of this project was to cut down the plastic waste by recycling it into other plastic goods.

2)           Encourage Our Community. This project aims to gain awareness about recycle plastic among people, this mission mainly focused on university students and the community around us.

3)           Provide 3D Printing Services. Our mission is to explain to people that plastics can produce 3D objects by only using printing device machine. From 3D drawing into 3D printed object.

4)           Introduce to Community about 3D Printing. To ensure that our students familiarize with 3D printing devices and it also helps them develop 3D object for their academic projects.

It is hoped that this movement can give awareness to fight plastic pollution.