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Save the Tree, Save the Knowledge

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19th January 2020

UTHM Pagoh

Student Representative Council (MPP) of Tun Hussein Onn University Malaysia (UTHM) Pagoh Branch Campus


In order to promote recycling practices among campus students, Student Representative Council (MPP) The Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia University (UTHM) Pagoh Branch Campus in collaboration with Solid Waste Management (SWM) Environment organized the ‘Save The Tree, Save The Knowledge’ program from 10 January  to 15 January.  1,216 tons of used material has been collected

Program led by Muhammad Faris Abdul Hadi  as the Leading Deputy President of the two (2) MPP, it was well received by the campus students. The program aimed to manage used learning materials and prevent them from being thrown into the trash. In addition, it also aims to incorporate recycling practices and the importance of preserving the greenery of the campus. According to Muhammad Faris, the program is carried out by collecting used books, papers, boxes, iron, metal cans and plastic in every block of Pagoh Residential College every day.“Looking at the increasing number of books and papers that students donate, they increase every day. We believe the program is able to get the support and attention of many, so this program will be extended until January 16, 2020,”said Muhammad Faris.

The program has been running for almost a week and collected 1180 kg of used books and papers. All of these used books and papers were collected by SWM Environment on 17 January. “Instead of  books and papers we also managed to collect 10 kilograms (kg) of boxes, 4kg of plastic, 22kg of iron and 22kg of metal cans, bringing the total amount to the collection reaching 1216kg,” he added.

Money collected from the sale of these used items will be used for the benefit of UTHM Pagoh students as a token of appreciation for the support and assistance they have provided.It is hoped that this program will open the eyes of campus students on the benefits of this recycling practice, by imposing the slogan ‘someone’s trash  is other’s treasure.