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Handing Composting Materials to 10 schools Around Simpang Renggam Parliament


10th October 2019

Simpang Renggam

Graduates from UTHM and 10 school around Simpang Renggam

Composting materials handing session held under Knowledge Transfer Programme – KTP Grant. Lifelong Learning Scheme related to food waste management by using a composting technique based on green technology with the cooperation of District Education Department (PPD) Kluang, Johor for schools in Simpang Renggam.

Graduates from UTHM representing The Head of Research Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (FKAAS), Prof Madya Ts. Dr. Aeslina Binti Abdul Kadir, has handed over a few important needs to carry out the composting activity to 10 schools around Simpang Renggam on 10th October 2019. It is hoped that these donations will be useful for teaching and learning process during the implementation of transferring best practices of food waste management using computational techniques with teachers and students.