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Group 4 – Upgrade The Edible and Non-edible Garden Around RPPS

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17th April 2019

Rumah Pembelajaran Pemulihan Sumber (RPPS) @ UTHM

Students from Nature Conservation Course (BFC 10202) Sem 1 2018/2019, FKAAB UTHM

One of these initiatives that the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering has taken to achieve the goal for the Nature Conservation course includes the development and upgrade the edible and non-edible garden around RPPS. This project also helps students to implement this knowledge in real-life which was gained in lectures. The aim of this project is to develop the ability to incorporate 3R’s which is a part of nature conservation by producing a product to upgrade the edible or non-edible garden from recyclable material. This project will be able to enhance awareness and development of a sustainable environment.