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Gotong Royong in SK Convent Batu Pahat


16th March 2019

SK Convent Batu Pahat

Teachers, Alumni, and Parents and Teacher’s Association (PIBG) of SKCBP, students, and lecturers from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Environment (FKAAS), staffs from Kuwait Finance House.

Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Environment (FKAAS) had collaborated with Sekolah Kebangsaan Convent Batu Pahat (SKCBP) and Parents & Teachers Association (PIBG) for “gotong-royong” activity in SKCBP. Altogether, 173 volunteers had participated in the activity. Various activities had been done by the volunteers such as painting yellow lines at selected locations for students’ safety purposes, closing pothole with concrete cement mixtures, constructing sink structure with brick bonds, breaking and cleaning of concrete, maintaining and repairing chairs, doors, and windows and many more. This activity was held on 13th March 2019, within 3 hours after the opening ceremony ended.

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