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CSR@Taman Pagoh Jaya 2 Program

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20th April 2019

Taman Pagoh Jaya 2

Staff and students from the Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Environment) Technology program with the cooperation of Muar Municipal Council and SWM Environment.

The CSR@Taman Pagoh Jaya Program is a community service program conducted at Taman Pagoh Jaya 2 on April 20, 2019. It is a ‘Pagoh Zero Wastage’ Program. This program was attended by staff and students from the Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Environmental) program in collaboration with the Muar Municipal Council and SWM Environment. The director of the program is Ts Dr. Roslinda Ali. The program was conducted with several activities including ‘plogging’ & ‘waste audit’ with local communities, and a briefing from Muar Municipal Council (MPM) on 5R + 2C practice. This program is a ‘Budget Zero Program’ that does not require the budget to run it. Before the program, the committee has applied for some cash-generating donations for student meals, plogging equipment, souvenirs, and hampers. Contributions are for program continuity. Plogging is a combination of jogging with picking up litter. Plogging brings awareness to know how much litter lies on our streets, parks, and trails. That’s the idea behind “plogging,” a new environmentally conscious fitness-trend where people pick up rubbish while running. A total of 180KG of waste had been collected during this program.