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CSR activities at SK Penghulu Salleh

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26th May 2019

SK Penghulu Salleh

40 students from UTHM and 80 students from SK Penghulu Salleh

The main objective of this program was to expose students to gain knowledge in environmental for community services, which was by far a very important to BNA students as motivation and inspiration for becoming future technologists graduated from UTHM. One of the first steps in changing food culture was to develop a food growing area at school. A key part of this is having an effective composting system in place. This had been a foundation of organic gardening and has many benefits to the school, community, and environment. Making compost was not only about providing soil and plants with a source of food, but it was also an integral part of working organically and reducing waste. Composting provides a useful way for teachers, pupils, and catering staff to explore educational opportunities altogether. Producing compost reduces waste to landfills, greenhouse gases and dependency upon peat-based growing media and chemical fertilizers, saving money and the environment.