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Ceramic Industrial Waste (CIW)


30th January 2019

Universiti Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia (UTHM)

Students and Lecturers of UTHM

This research has been carried out by the students and lecturers of UTHM. For this research, they were using ceramic measurements as construction materials and had been replaced by aggregate. The research that they have done was to solve the problem for the industry which focuses on the ceramic industry. In industry, there were many reductions of raw materials in construction that can be issued in readiness nowadays. Because of the problem issued, there were some creative ideas and resolutions to modify concrete that had been implemented. In this study, Ceramic Industrial Wastes (CIW) was chosen as a replacement material for fine aggregate in the concrete mix. This research focuses on the mechanical properties of concrete containing ceramic industrial waste. With the use of industrial wastes such as ash and powder can be used as replacement material in the concrete mix which is to increase the sustainability of concrete.

From industrial waste, it was chosen due to the beneficial properties in concrete technology which have good thermal insulator refractory hot and strong. These ceramic properties can provide lots of benefits in concrete technology. For example, the ceramic properties can increase the use of concrete mix. It can also offer a new kind of green option to the ceramic industry to help the construction as well as contributing to the sustainable development in the ceramic industry. Besides, it can be used as replacement materials in construction, specifically on a concrete structure, precast concrete and construction materials inadmissible. The target player will be the construction player in the construction industry such as developer, contractor and other people who involved in the private and government sector. With the success of this research will lead to sustainable technology towards the concrete structure.


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