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Carnival Innovation of Malaysia Motorcycles 2019


20th January 2019


UTHM Pagoh Campus

5000 public participants

UTHM Pagoh Campus collaborates with TNS Motosport Enterprise and Pagoh Parliamentary Service Centre has organised the Malaysia Motorcycling Innovation 2019 at the UTHM Parking Compound at Pagoh Campus on January 20, 2019. According to the Head of Operation of TNS Motosport Enterprise, this was the first time having collaboration with UTHM since 2015. This carnival aimed to strengthen the relationship among classical motorcycle enthusiasts throughout Malaysia that has achieved their targets when it came to the celebration from various ages of participants and types of motorcycles. The program, which has received almost 5,000 participants, has witnessed a various type of motorcycle innovations from all over the country including the presence of participants from neighboring countries such as Singapore. There were lots of activities organised by the organiser such as exhibition of motorcycle innovation, sales motorcycle’s accessories and the best motorcycle competition.