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SGP 1 : Rumah Pembelajaran Pemulihan Sumber (RPPS)-Progress Report

Progress Report 26-08-2020

Objective 1: 100% done
Summary of objective 1: Objective 1 cover 3 phase which is the site observation, quality and quantity of ablution water. Site observation was conducted to identify the appropriate area for the study. Several factors were considered which is the location of the main hole, discharge point of ablution water, gravity, the pipeline of ablution water and piping system. While colored water is poured into the point drain in ablution place for confirmation of ablution water flow during site observation. However, this ablution water was not discharged directly to the drainage, as the pipeline for ablution water was connected with the pipeline from the nearest toilet before it discharges to the manhole. In addition, there is no separate meter for the mosque to determine the amount of water used each month. Thus, the survey on average daily attendance was conducted in verifying the average total number of people prays during semester and semester break especially during Friday prayers. Furthermore, the quality and quantity of ablution water were also determined to identify the ablution water characteristics and water consumption in the UTHM mosque. In addition, the characteristics of ablution water were also important to identify the appropriate treatment for ablution water before it can be used for the aquaponic system that will be implemented in this study. The amount of water consumption for ablution water used for a month is approximately 66.26 m3/month during semester break while 96.34 m3/month during the semester. Unfortunately, the water used for ablution is discharged directly without any recycle and reuse. COD, TSS, TDS, Temperature, pH and Turbidity was the common parameters selected to indicate the ablution water quality. Laboratory test on the selected parameters verifies that the mean values of the parameter is not much polluted and were lower compared to National Water Quality Standard (NWQS) for Malaysia except for pH with 9.77 which is slightly higher than standard.

Objective 2:
The first UTHM recycling centre at RPPS was officially operated on 4 July 2019. In September 2019, a signing ceremony of Letter of Intent (Lol) between UTHM and SWM Environment Sdn Bhd was held to enable further collaboration. SWM Environment Sdn Bhd is an integrated waste management and public cleaning service provider in the southern region of Peninsular Malaysia. SWM Environment Sdn Bhd was appoint as one of the main stakeholders in UTHM’s sustainability program. All recycled materials collected at RPPS, UTHM were sold to SWM Environment Sdn Bhd according to the market price.

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