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Mesyuarat Pengurusan Tenaga Universiti (JKPT-SCO) Bil.1/20

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02nd February 2020

Executive Meeting Room, UTHM Library

Vice Chancelor of UTHM, director of Sustainable Campus Office (SCO), UTHM Energy Manager, G Matrix Solution Consultant, University Energy Management Committee and staffs from the Sustainable Campus Office.

The meeting was started with the introduction of the University Energy Management Committee (SCO-SECT) by the Director of the SCO. Next, UTHM Energy Manager, Ts. Shukur bin Saleh presented the annual report on UTHM energy usage for 2019. Programs and activities that were carried out throughout 2019 were also announced during the meeting as well as plans for 2020. Throughout the meeting, the SCO team announced on achieving EMGS 1 Star by Greentech’s 25-Star EMGS evaluation on 25-26 September 2019 to the UTHM top management. It is expected to receive an EMGS 1 Star certificate in February 2020.