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Green Earth Hour Meeting

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27th February 2019

Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

P3P Volunteers, SCU Volunteers, and technicians

A meeting involving technicians was held to discuss ongoing progress and preparation before Earth Hour event at the end of March 2019. This meeting incorporated Maintenance and Development office (PPP) and Sustainable Campus Unit (SCU) volunteers. Earth Hour is an event under Sustainable Campus Unit UTHM which involved activities such as switching off the light for an hour. All lights around UTHM main campus and residential college will be switched off. Besides, there is a competition held in conjunction with Earth Hour event. The participant will post and share the photos (3 photos – before, during and after) or a video (duration 1 minute) on any social media for public view. Maintenance & Development Office (PPP) & Sustainable Campus Unit (SCU) will collate and select the winners via link drop in the google form that participants have submitted. Winners will be announced and awarded with special prizes.

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