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The Deterioration of Quality of The Environment Impacts the Safety and Well-being of Urban Communities


1 March 2020


PM. Dr. Haryati binti Shafii


The article written by PM. Dr. Haryati bt Shafii tell us regarding the deterioration of quality of the environment that affect the safety and well-being of urban communities. Environment deteriorate due to the development undertaken by humans such as the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, toxic and hazardous waste. According to Professor Datuk Dr. Mohd Ekhwan Haji Toriman, 25 rivers in Malaysia was reported to be contaminated and Johor has the highest rate of river pollution followed by Penang and Malacca.

Besides, the air quality also affected by smoke, dust and the most recent cases which is Coronavirus that can be spread through the air (breathing). This indicates that, the air is no longer safe to human. In addition, the increasing number of populations specifically in Malaysia also contributed to the increase in waste generation especially in urban areas. Based on a study, the estimated average waste generated by an individual is 1.8 kg daily in 2018.

In today’s context, people need to be aware of their responsibilities towards the environment. Education, awareness and concern towards the importance of environment should be enhance. This is because the deterioration in the quality of the environment threatens the health, safety and well-being of the community.  We cannot compromise on profit when it comes to safety, health and human life.