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Portable Flow Inspector (PFI)

Portable Flow Inspector
Portable Flow Inspector

24th March 2019

Innovation & Commercialization Center (ICC), UTHM

Ts. Dr. Elmy Johana binti Mohamad, Prof. Ts. Dr. Ruzairi bin Abdul Rahim, Hanis Liyana binti Mohmad Ameran and Ahmad Azahari bin Hamzah.

Portable Flow Inspector (PFI) is the novel flow inspector for multi-phase flow imaging. The system can be used to monitor the flow velocity profile measurement and monitor the cross-sectional material distribution of multiphase liquid (water, gas, and oil) and visualize the image in a real-time manner. The PFI is portable and can be installed on the industrial pipeline easily using the clamp-on technique. The product consists of 16 electrodes with a portable sensor that can be used for measuring the permittivity distribution of a mixture of 2 dielectric materials inside a closed vessel. It is a non-invasive, non-destructive and on-line technique. The integration intelligent electrode sensing circuit on each electrode sensor, (embedded on a single plate). The researchers incorporated in this system are Ts. Dr. Elmy Johana Binti Mohamad, Prof. Ts. Dr. Ruzairi bin Abdul Rahim, Hanis Liyana Binti Mohmad Ameran and Ahmad Azahari bin Hamzah. This system also used to monitor the flow pattern pumped along pipes without invading the process and the process separation become more efficient. This application reduced the cost purchasing, time of operation and maintenance. The system can be commercialized and be preferable to be a flow instrument that highly demands third parties to use for oil palm plantation, cooking oil and oil production.