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National Innovation and Invention Competition 2019


21st March 2019

Dewan Wawasan, Jitra, Kedah

Students and Lecturers from Diploma Study Centre (PPD)

Diploma Study Centre (PPD), UTHM had sent 5 groups of students and 3 lecturers to the National Innovation and Invention Competition through Exhibition (iCompEx 2019) in Dewan Wawasan, Jitra, Kedah. The purpose of this competition is to highlight the research findings to the public and as a continuous effort to produce innovation and new creation. With the estimated total of 600 participants from various institutions from primary schools until public and private universities. Throughout the competition, UTHM had received 5 medals altogether; 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal, and 2 bronze medals. More proudly, one of their research, The Food Waste Composter Machine product has secured the gold medal and third place for Category C which is Machinery, Equipment and Manufacturing Process) and received the cash prize of RM 300. Other research papers that had received medals were Industrial Training Assessment System (ITAS) 2.0 (Gold), Jom Jelajah Semenanjung (Silver), Eco-Friendly Acoustic Panel Using Grated Coconut (Bronze) and Mango Fruit Picker (Bronze).