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Knowledge Sharing Session on Ambient Air Quality in UTHM Campus (Heavy Metals).

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04th April 2019

Meeting Room 1, FKAAS

UTHM students

Nowadays the abrupt growth of factories and facilities in Malaysia has caused problems towards air pollution. Due to improper town planning some factory located nearby the residence and academic institution. UTHM is surrounded by industrial and construction areas. As we know, it is located near a factory. Based on a previous study, the residence in UTHM campus is facing a serious level of air pollution. The factory emitted smoke that maybe contains dangerous compounds almost every day. Hence, it is important to create awareness among UTHM communities about the ambient air quality in UTHM campus. On 4th April 2019, Micropollutant Research Centre from FKAAS has organized a knowledge sharing session on ambient air quality in the UTHM campus. Speaker appointed was Dr. Nor Amani Filzah. The main focus of the session is on the effect of heavy metals on ambient air quality in UTHM. Throughout the session, there is a link of google form been shared by the speaker. A Google form is about air quality in the UTHM area and created by a committee of Micro-Pollutant Research Centre (MPRC), FKAAS to investigate the public awareness on ambient air pollution in UTHM/Parit Raja areas.