Planeteers Cabin Submission Ceremony

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30th December 2019

Research Recovery Learning Centre (RPPS) – UTHM Recycling Centre

Sr. Dr. Noralfishah binti Sulaiman, Dr. Nur Shaylinda binti Mohd Zin, Dr. Nazirah binti Mohamad Abdullah, KANZU Research , SCO Staffs & Members of Planeteers Club

On 30th Dec, the event was held at Research Recovery Learning Centre (RPPS) – UTHM Recycling Centre. During the event, the Director of SCO hoped that Planeteers would be able to assist SCO and the university’s sustainability efforts to maintain the green environment as well as participated in programs and activities that support our green motto. The Director also hopes that the facilities provided in the cabin given can help the Planeteers to plan and run thier green activities.