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Oyster Bay

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21 February 2019


UTHM, UPM, USM, and District Administration.

Oyster Bay is a new tourist destination in the Muar district. Oyster Bay is also equipped with an Oyster Research Laboratory with collaboration from the District Administration, UTHM, UPM, and USM. It served as research centers and training & education centers created in the Muar area on livestock breeding, and preservation, as well as new tourism products and become one of the major contributors in the tourism sector in the Muar District. A detailed study of oyster seeding is carried out from time to time as early preparation in the event of extinction, maintaining and ensuring the continuity of the traditional oyster fishery activity that had existed since 1875. In this regard, the Muar City Council (MPM) will be ready to assist in the Development Project, Oyster Breeding and Preservation at Muar River as this project has benefited in various angles.

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