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‘Majlis Transformasi Mahasiswa’

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04th September 2019


UTHM Students

This event was held specifically for new students. The tentative program included recitation of the Pledge by students. This session aimed to fulfill student’s responsibilities in all aspects and to motivate and inspire them to work hard and to achieve great results in the university. Other than that, this event provided the opportunity for all students to recognize the nationality, methods for empowering students and building a strong team through the programs organized by the university. Through the ‘Majlis Transformasi Mahasiswa’, students learned sustainability concepts such as waste disposal, campaign to bring their food and beverage containers to the cafeteria and plastic containers should no longer be available. This may be an opportunity to instill the sustainability concept into students. For UTHM, this event was not just about the student’s enrollment, it also trains students for practicing a sustainable lifestyle as they have a big role in shaping the future of our country.

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