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Category: Waste

Do You Know ?

Date: 13 NOVEMBER 2020 Place/Venue: UTHM Participant: Staff & Student UTHM Description: Paper shreds cannot be placed in recycle bin. They will end up in...

Waste to Landscape

Date: 8th OCTOBER 2020 Place/Venue: SK Seri Rejo Sari, Batu Pahat, Johor Participant: FKAAB ( MPRC, JRC, CIBPS) UTHM & SK Seri Rejo Sari Description:...

Aktiviti Pusat Kitar Semula UTHM (RPPS)

Date: 12 Julai 2020 Place/Venue: A20, RPPS UTHM Participant: SCO, UTHM & Sek Rendah Islam AL-Hidayah, Batu Pahat Description: Aktiviti penerimaan bahan kitar semula daripada...

How To Dispose A Face Mask in Correct Way

    Date: 31 May 2020 Place/Venue: UTHM Participants: Planeteers UTHM Description: Planeteer UTHM created a short video to show how to dispose a disposable...

Pusat Kitar Semula UTHM (RPPS)

Date: 13 Mei 2020 Place/Venue: A20, RPPS UTHM Participant: SCO, UTHM & SWM Environment Sdn. Bhd Description: Aktiviti penjualan bahan kitar semula kepada pihak SWM...

Creative and Innovation Program

Date: 12 March 2020 Place/Venue: Dewan Al-Faiq SK Parit Zain Participants: Students from SMK Bandar Maharani, SMK Tengku Mahkota, SMK St. Andrew, SMK Tun Dr...