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 “Pasti Skor” Programme


16th June 2019

Dewan Sultan Ibrahim, UTHM

Around 300 UTHM students

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni) Office, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) expressed her concern by organizing the Setu Kasih TNC HEPA ‘Pasti Skor’ program at the Sultan Ibrahim Hall, the main campus on June 16 to help boost the spirit students face the exam. The programs implemented at the main campus and Pagoh branch campus are the second to be held at the start of the semester exams at the university. This program is a HEPA UTHM leadership initiative to assist students in the examination week with feeding such as bananas, bread and drinking water as well as motivational words as a motivator. According to Deputy Vice-Chancellor (HEPA), Associate Professor Dr. Afandi Ahmad this gift is one of the ways the leadership and management of the university approached the students to be friendly before they entered the examination hall. “This gift is not so much, but the smiling sculpture on the faces of the students before applying for the exam is enough to make us happy,” he said. The program is also one of the noble efforts to instill a culture of excitement, affection and mutual respect in line with the commitment of the Charity Campus (KAMIUTHM) as the DNA of the excellence of UTHM citizens. Feeding for students led by Associate Professor Dr. Afandi and assisted by HEPA officials. Also present were UTHM Vice-Chancellors, Professor Ts. Dr. Wahid Razzaly.