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Mural Painting at Taska Permata Kemas

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01st May 2019

Taska Permata Kemas, Pagoh

JTM students

On 01st May 2019, there were a community service programs held at TASKA Permata KEMAS, Pagoh. The program was participated by 6 JTM students accompanied by Pn Rosfuzah Roslan. These students were working on mural projects to beautify the Taska building environment with the help of iCAN Focus Group in terms of guidance. This activity able to develop teamwork skills among participants as well as strengthens the relationship between students, lecturers, and communities. Instead of allowing students to contribute to society, this kind of program is also the best platform for them to adapt to the community after graduating. The mural drawing is based on the occupation which enables the kindergarten students to recognize occupation character based on the mural drawings. It turns out that community service has a positive impact on students especially in contributing to the community by using a variety of knowledge and skills. It is hoped that with this more cheerful school environment, students will get more attracted to attend school thus develop students’ interest in the study.