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Let’s s Clean,  Go Green 2019


12th March 2019

Rimba Terjun Coast, Pontian, Johor.

Students and lecturers from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Environment (FKAAS)

There were 75 undergrads and 8 lecturers from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Environment (FKAAS), Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) together plant 1,000 mangrove seed in Rimba Terjun coast to increase awareness on mangrove tree conservation. “Let’s Clean Go Green” is one of the awareness and volunteer activities to promote swamp conservation. This program was organized by the Micropollutant Research Centre (MPRC) and Water Environmental Engineering Department, FKAAS in collaboration with the South of Johor District Forest Department. This program is also conjunction with “World Forest Day”. The purpose of this activity was to conserve mangrove forests that act as natural protectors from stormy and shoreline erosion and help deal with an imbalance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This activity can help in maintaining environmental sustainability for future generations. According to the Head of Water Environmental Engineering Department, Dr. Rafidah Hamdan says that they will also strive to raise public awareness by actively contributing ideas and energy to the preservation of mangroves in the area. Nevertheless, this activity helps to impart knowledge to the volunteers on mangrove tree protection from pollution and to form good networking between government departments, agencies, youth, and communities.