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Compost and Recycling Demonstration Program in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan, Renggam (Grant KTP 132)

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02nd November 2019

Sekolah Menengah Dato’ Hj. Hassan Yunos, Renggam, Johor

PM Ts Dr. Aeslina Abdul Kadir, PM Ts Dr. Rafidah Hamdan, Ts. Dr. Roslinda Seswoya, Dr. Noor Amira Sarani, Cik Fatin and also 30 students in Civil Engineering (FKAAS).

On 2nd November 2019 was held food waste management awareness program using techniques composting in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dato’ Hassan Yunos, Renggam, Johor in conjunction knowledge transfer program (KTP) by Prof Madya Ts Dr. Aeslina Binti Abdul Kadir.

the theme of this program is ZERO FOOD WASTE FROM GARBAGE TO COMPOST!’

This program is led by accompanying lecturer Prof Madya Ts Dr. Rafidah Hamdan with researcher Dr Noor Amira Sarani and Cik Fatin and also 30 students civil engineering (FKAAS).

During this program is implemented it’s a little bit can give awareness to reduce leftover food, after knowledge about using leftover for something that worth and role for green the earth also delivered. The process of composting is one method for change organic substance to other substances that are more stable with many positive features and can be used again to the soil. Finally, product becomes environmentally friendly, clean and also low toxic content. Because of that, to maintain the beauty of the earth from being contaminated we can apply the techniques as an effort to preserve environments. Indirectly, it can guarantee well-being for the long term. Because of that, is a together responsibility for control leftover food more prudently so our green home environment stays clean, comfortable and fresh to live in.