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80 Countries Joined The ‘ Ambassadors of Sustainability ‘ Programme Organised by UTHM

17 AUGUST 2020

Zoom Meeting.

Professor Datuk Ts.Dr. Wahid Razzaly, Professor Dr. Shahbaz Khan, Nyembo S.Jay,  Professor  Madya Dr. ACEP Purqon, Professor Madya Dr. Radin Maya Saphira Radin Mohamed, Dr Wesam Al-Madhoun, Participants.

The organising of the “Ambassadors of Sustainability” Programme of UTHM International Sustainability organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Built Environment (FKAAB), Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) recorded its own record when it attracted 200 participants from 80 countries worldwide.

The Program conducted by the Impact Youth Sustainability led by the president, Dr. Wesam Al-Madhoun has also obtained collaboration from the Micro Pollutant Research Centre (MPRC) UTHM and the Sumatra Technology Institute (ITERA).

According to Dr. Wesam, the programme which was held for five days from 10 to 14 August was held to expand the capabilities of international activists in relation to the role, values and principles of sustainability globally that need to be practiced for the well-being of the community.The programme which lasted for 10 hours per day was filled with several attractive slots including introduction to sustainability and SDG, economic sustainability, environmental sustainability, governance and leadership for sustainability.

The Vice Chancellor of UTHM, Professor Datuk Ts.Dr. Wahid Razzaly attended the opening ceremony as a sign of his support to this high-impact programme. Also present, Professor Dr. Shahbaz Khan, Director of UNESCO’s Regional Bureau for Sciences in Asia and the Pacific based in Indonesia; Nyembo S.Jay, chief executive officer of the founder of the Impact Youth Sustainability;  Professor  Madya Dr. Acep Purqon, Director of International Office of ITERA, Indonesia and Professor Madya Dr. Radin Maya Saphira Radin Mohamed, head of MPRC, UTHM.