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02nd April 2019

Tunku Tun Aminah Library (PTTA)

All UTHM Community

A program where unused toys are donated to the library and reusable to Al- Huda Toy Library in Parit Yaani. The public can donate toys to the needy by sending them to PTTA. There is no limit on the number of toys that can be shipped but should still be used. This gift will be distributed to the Al-Huda Toy Library in Parit Yaani. There are many advantages to recycling. Many people see recycling as a huge hassle or a big-time consumer; when the actuality of that, it’s extremely simple and beneficial. Recycling is a process that turns most of the thrown away material to be reused and turned into valuable resources once again. Not only we can reduce the waste to help reduce global warming, but also we can help preserve some of our natural resources by doing so. Your sincere contributions can help those in need. This collection of toys is up to April 30, 2019. As you know, this program helps to increase awareness of recycling and the nature of giving.