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25 February 2019

Dewan Sultan Ibrahim(DSI)

All UTHM staff and students associations


A community service involving all UTHM staff and student associations was held as part of the Sayangi UTHM campaigns. All participants were gathered at the front of DSI for some warm-up session and speech was delivered by Vice-Chancellor. Participants were grouped and separated based on different zones inside UTHM main campus area to do their community service. Instead of having good relationships among students and lecturers, the organizer wanted all participants to have the awareness of keeping the environment of the university clean and waste recycling activities.  In this program, the participants were cleaning the main area of the campus such as faculties, mosque, UTHM main hall and more. At the same time, some participants gathered to collect and organize items that can be recycled accordingly, which is conducted by a few lecturers.

In this program, all participants and the organizers of the program were satisfied with the achievement that they accomplished. All the items that can be recycled had put in the recycle bin and the university got cleaned. The organizer thanked all participants for engaging in the program and wished that this program will be organized continuously.

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